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This is not the work.




I've titled this page of the website the chaos years as I feel the work produced during this time was uncompromisingly chaotic, overloaded with materials & complex yet dissolving scores and addicted to the attempted reaching of a specific altered state. 

I have chosen to leave out the visual documentation (photographic & video) as I feel the work was never resolved and the visual documentation inadequate in its transcription of the processes taking place.


​In building this site I have chosen to leave out a lot of work that took place between January 2010 and August 2013. I feel a discomfort in seeing visual documentation of the work and so chose not to show it to you.

The work was totally unrestrained and unconfined, not able or wanting to be captured & held within a photographic still. It was of that time, that moment and exists only to those who bore witness of it.


All the works during this phase involved the tattooing of text either prior to or during the performance. I never fully understood the necessity of the tattoos at the time but on reflection feel they act as mementos for otherwise undocumented ephemeral acts. 


Below is an essay by academic Victoria Gray in which she reflects on one such work. 

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