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In April 2013 my Grandma died, in May 2013 my child was born on her birthday, in March 2014 I wrote an essay ‘To Destroy Capitalism We Must Destroy The Family’, in January 2015 my mother died.


In April 2015 I wrote a second text ‘The Death of The Family’, but didn’t publish it. This performance work attempts to unearth, translate and mourn the myriad emotions of that unpublished text, my life events of the last 3 years, the public politics and collective consciousness that has shifted alongside this.


Rooted in my personal political unrest and current self identification of queer-feminist-anarcho-mother, the work takes the scream sticks of recent works ((m)other/ the un-titled) as a point of departure; casting them in a new context, utilising the weight and silence of the past to amplify the future now.  


A is the beginning and the end.
















Next Performance


PPP (Past.Present.Perform) - Festival 2


Saturday the 19th of September 2015


Munster, Germany

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