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Performance at the ]performanc e x c h a n g e [

Hackney Wick

August 2013


At 7pm on the towpath beside the Olympic stadium I bowed down onto my knees and began repeating the word gold whilst crawling backwards.


I crawled to The White Building where I purchased a bottle of Crate ‘golden’ ale, stood under the sign that reads “centre for art, technology and sustainability”, used the lid to cut the Olympic rings into my chest, then gave the bottle of beer to the audience.


I heard the word gold transform over the duration to god, gone, richer & cherish before becoming inaudible sounds & cries.





September 2011


Made during field explorations at DEFAULT:

In one of the many deserted houses I unfolded and shook-out a sheet; listening to the sheet and the building and allowing them to guide the movements of my body and the material. 


I am interested in how buildings can hold memories. 

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