In January 2021 I was awarded Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice project funding, affording me the time & resources to develop new trajectories in my arts practice focusing on sustainability within building & artistic production. 

This work included: studying Earthship design, studying at the School of Natural Building, completing short courses at Brighton Permaculture, practical experiments with cob, wattle & daube, foraged & found materials. In addition to this I assisted Mathew French's Chalk House and worked with artist & lime plaster Jue Sota to learn plastering skills. 


I have developed projects with Custom Locavore Community Garden, Mother House Studios, artist Daniella Valz Gen and established a new production company called Cosmic Constructions with Isabel Pina Ferrier. 

You can follow my research (and life) via my instagram and my new collaborative website Cosmic Constructions.  

As well as developing skills for personal & global sustainability, I am also considering how this knowledge of materials & making connects to my performance practice. I'm currently interested in the history of the use of lime within the theatre and how concepts such as cradle-to-cradle, permaculture & foraging can inform new works. 

Our work with Cosmic Constructions also includes peer learning opportunities under the frame of Learning the Long Way.  The focus of this is encouraging & empowering more women & LGBTQIA+ people to participate in the realms of building & making. The project is underpinned by the ethos that it's good to do stuff together; benefiting our mental & physical health.