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I see curating as a tool for disseminating research in a way that transcends language, through immersive, visceral experiences. As a curator I am interested in projects that connect people & enliven communities. I work with artists who are political & sensitive and am interested in giving voice to those least heard. I see curating & producing as a collaborative endeavour, working with artists with whom I find a deep resonance, who’s work I find urgent and inspiring.

In 2011 I co-founded ]performance s p a c e [, the UK's only performance art specific studio & exhibition space and working curating events & activities until leaving the organisation in Spring 2020. Parallel to this I have worked as a producer for independent artists and projects, including: Benjamin Sebastian, Anton Mirto, New Queers on The Block, Screen Archives South East, selina bonelli and Daniella Valz Gen.

I currently work for University for the Creative Arts as their Galleries Curator, where I am responsible for the Brewery Tap Project Space in Folkestone and the Herbert Read Gallery in Canterbury. At the Herbert Read I curate an annual programme, with exhibitions in the autumn & spring and support students & staff to produce their own work the remainder of the year.

I am always looking to connect with new artists & work and am especially interested in supporting queer, neuroqueer, time-based & site specific work. In 2024 I will be launching Urth Studio's residency space. 

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